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Training, Seminar & Workshop Documentation Insert a meaningful line to evaluate the headline. Training PDPS Training Basic Sharia Banking Eksekutif for BOD.  Executive Sharia Banking Training Executive Sharia Banking Training Bank Jateng, Jakarta 21-22 January 2018 Training PDPS Bank Aceh


Surat berharga jangka panjang berdasarkan prinsip syari’ah yang dikeluarkan Emiten kepada pemegang Obligasi Syariah yang mewajibkan Emiten untuk membayar pendapatan kepada pemegang Obligasi Syariah berupa bagi hasil/margin/fee serta membayar kembali dana obligasi pada saat jatuh tempo


“Sharia compliance is considered as falling within a higher priority category in relation to other identified risk. If Islamic Financial Institution do not comply with Sharia rules and principles, their transactions must be cancelled and income generated from them shall be considered as illegitimate”

Hajj Fund Management in Perspective of the Financial Theory and Fiqh

With the separation of the management of the hajj funds of the Ministry of Religion to the BPKH, it still leaves some differences in view, related to the amount of the initial deposit charged by Jemaah who are members of the waiting list with a vulnerable period of 5 – 25 years. In addition, there is also a debate related to the use of initial deposit funds for the pilgrims to be dispatched, because BPKH until now must optimize the pilgrimage funds

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