Hajj Fund Management in Perspective of the Financial Theory and Fiqh

Presented at Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Globalization of Law and Local Wisdom (ICGLOW 2019).

Author :

Dece Kurniadi, Jamal Wiwoho, Hudi Asrori
Corresponding Author
Dece Kurniadi
Available Online October 2019.

Hajj Fund Management

With the separation of the management of the hajj funds of the Ministry of Religion to the BPKH, it still leaves some differences in view, related to the amount of the initial deposit charged by Jemaah who are members of the waiting list with a vulnerable period of 5 – 25 years. In addition, there is also a debate related to the use of initial deposit funds for the pilgrims to be dispatched, because BPKH until now must optimize the pilgrimage funds. The community still understands if the initial deposit fund deposited for them is an investment that should be able to continue to grow and be enjoyed by each congregation. The longer the congregation waits for the pilgrimage, the understanding is that the funds returned to the congregation in the form of optimizing the initial deposit must be even higher. But some views assume, the affairs of the pilgrimage are not a matter of investment, but purely to worship God. Related to the length of timing a person goes on the pilgrimage is purely based on the Jemaah departure quota that is limited by the government of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. In this perspective, researchers feel the need for a study related to Hajj fund entities in formal law and sharia law and finance. Thus it is hoped that this research can answer the current assumptions.

Source : https://www.atlantis-press.com/proceedings/icglow-19/125920805

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